Get to Know us a little better

Who are the Bailey Unicorns?  Learn a little more about us and our individual stories here


Mama Unicorn

Hello & welcome to our story! Everyday I'm excited & grateful that this dream has come so far! When my Sweety & I started the dream in 2002, the stars, here in Bailey, did not align. When I picked back up in 2018 I swore I would never be brick & mortar....& alas here we are. I am grateful everyday for the magic of family! My hubby, Chris, my 4 grown kiddos & my 3 Littles are my moon & stars! Remember that every day is a gift that's why it's called the present. Live it to it's fullest, smile at angry people & wear unicorn headbands- because it will always make them SMILE! 


Junior Unicorn

Hi guys! I am Jacquie AKA Jacqs.  I am so grateful everyday to be a part of this incredible bakery! I am a proud Platte Canyon Graduate, Class of 08 and I am married to an incredible man named Paul, class of 05.  Together we have 3 kids, Christian, Jewels and Hunter.  When I am not baking I am playing with my kids, cheering them on at their sports antique shopping with my husband.  My favorite part of baking is the magic it can bring and the memories it can help make.  Being the lead cake baker and decorator brings me so much joy.  Watching as people pick up their cakes or seeing the joy on a brides face brings me so much happiness.  "You will never work a day in your life when you love what you do." 


Smile Spreader

Hi! I am Hunter Bunter and I get to spend every day at the bakery with my Mommy and Mamma! I love to say Hi to everyone and smile at you to make you laugh!  I also really love Dinosaurs and dancing.  Come stop by and give me a high five!  

The Zoo Crew

Christian, Jewels & Hunter

You will probably see us around the bakery, whether we are helping to clean and bake or just outside playing.  We love to watch and learn!


Unicorn Squad 

Kate came to the squad and instantly you were drawn to her smile and her warmth.  She is a FAST learner and not afraid of a challenge.  She is always down to learn and to help make things better.  Kate says her favorite part of this job is the community and being able to bring smiles and he part of making memories through yummy treats.  The way to Kate's heart?  A fresh Suz Chocolate Chip Cookie!


Unicorn Squad

Chloe says her favorite part of working at the bakery is getting to meet all the interesting people that come through.  She loves the millionaire bars and to spread smiles. Chloe brings an energy that is unmatched to the Squad. Chloe is is an incredible part of the team. 


Unicorn Squad

Casey is an energetic and fun part of the team that ALWAYS has a smile on her face,.  Her positive outlook and ability to learn has made her and amazing part of the team!  What is her favorite part of working here? The people!  Casey says that any flavor of cake is what makes her the happiest! 


Unicorn Squad

Zoe is one of our seasonal workers and we are so thrilled she is here!  Zoe is a college student at Cornell College but when she is home she is here kicking butt as a Unicorn.  Zoe is always up to learn new things and loves to bake along with Suz & Jacqs. Her kindness shows through in her smile and the kind way she takes care of every customer.  Her favorite baked good is a Chocolate Dream bar that she and Jacqs created together.  Zoe is awesome! 


Unicorn Squad

Michelle is our floating unicorn, she literally has wings.  She flies from job to job and we are lucky enough that one of them is here at the bakery.  Michelle also is the designer of all the unicorn swag and is so talented in her designs with her company MN Designs.  Michelle is game for literally anything! .  Her favorite sweet treat is basically anything.  She loves it all.  Michelle rocks!