Every Family has a Story... Welcome to Ours! 

The story of Suz Cookie Jar Rescue starts back in 2002 when Sue woke up at 3 AM to bake and travel around her little town of Bailey to sell baked goods to businesses and their staff as special treats. It was a huge success and the town was so happy with having such a great service!! Sadly, she closed it down to raise her kids.

Fast forward to 2018, Sue’s kids had grown and had kids of their own. Sue still loved to bake and make cookies. She always kept her cookie jar stocked with cookies for her grandkids. The jar was passed down to her from her Mom after she passed away and it always brought her happiness to see her grandkids dig into it. This sparked an idea in Sue, "Who would pay to get a Cookie Jar that I would fill with my homemade cookies?" This question was asked on her social media and within a week she sold 7 different jars, starting 7 new family traditions. Suz Cookie Jar Rescue was born!

During COVID Sue was working from home which gave her the time to play with her kitchen nearby. The menu began to expand, adding pastries, bread, brownies, and so much more! The menu grew and so did the company! In December of 2021, Sue's husband turned to her and said "It's time, I want my house back! Let’s find you a commercial kitchen." With those words she realized she had outgrown her home bakery and signed her first lease for the brick and mortar in Delwood Square.

Sue's daughter, Jacquie, ALWAYS loved to bake and greatly desired to join the family business. Sue was reluctant, always hoping it would be "her thing.” Supporting her dreams no matter what, Jacquie traveled with the company to festivals and fairs as a sidekick to Sue. However, on February 28, 2022 fate stepped in again. Sue was seriously injured with a hit to her head by a steel dolly at 50 lbs of pressure. She could not walk without a cane, her speaking skills declined, her memory took a hit, and a part of her disappeared that day. Jacquie stepped up and came fully into the fold. With Sue down for the time, Jacquie jumped in to fill orders, prep for festivals and bake her heart out. She also introduced the missing piece of the puzzle to the company, cakes! Jacquie quit her full-time job to take on the bakery with Sue, and together they became the Dynamic Mother - Daughter Duo!

Today, Sue has recovered kicking butt and taking names with Jacquie by her side. The bakery is wholesale AND a walk-up bakery that caters to local restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and of course Bailey and beyond!  

Our Unicorns

Meet the Unicorns that make all the magic!!!

Sue AKA Suz

Owner and creator plus the Lead Baker and Mama Unicorn

Jacquie AKA Jacqs

Second in Command Baker plus Lead Cake Artist & Creator and Junior Unicorn

Hunter AKA Bunter

Smile Creator and Official Greeter